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Wherein we are introduced to many of the residents and luminaries of the Grove.

Black Hermit, The:
A local legend as much as a fixture, the so-called Black Hermit is, or was, an Aeon Priest living among the Grove folk of the Marches. Rumor and speculation are thicker on the Hermit than ruts on a Jahdot. Whatever the truth the Hermit appears to have lost any allegiance to the Papacy and can now be found wondering the Marches, as if looking for something. The Hermit dresses in dark mud colored rags and wears a mask of some strange, long eared creature. It is said the rags and mask cover a body twisted and scarred, perhaps from an accident with numenera or a near fatal encounter with Iron Wind.

Ristor Kere: One of the three Aeon Priests of Fourgroves. Quiet brooding and bearded Kere possesses a piercing green eyed stare and speaks with a lilting Ledon accent. He is the oldest of the three Priests. Whether by accident or congenital birth anomaly, Kere was born without legs and moves about by a special harness, levitating 6 to 7 ft. off the ground. Kere’s medallion of office is made of green synth-crystal.

Dusar Lyzus: One of the three Aeon Priests of Fourgrove. Lyzus is a portly man, shaved and balding of average height. Decidedly effeminate, Lyzus enjoys food as much as his research and is the one Priest most likely to laugh and find humor in life. Lyzus’ medallion of office is made of silver with ruby chasing.

Avatika Orn: One of the three Aeon Priests of Fourgrove. Orn is a matronly woman of middle age. Her rusty blond hair is beginning to pail and the lines about her eyes are more from age than laughter. Orn’s research into healing and medicine is well known to the Grove-folk. Orn’s medallion of office is made of iron and obsidian.

Supporting Cast

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