Ninth World Glossary

Here you will be able to learn some of the common (and less common when dealing with Grove-folk) words of the Ninth World.

Aeon Priest: A member of The Order Of Truth and an agent of the Amber Pope.

Amber Pope, The: The quasi-religious leader of The Order Of Truth.

Beyond, The: Generally applied to any of the wilds outside the Steadfast.

Iadace [ yay-da-see ]: Originally coined by the Order of Truth as a type of recognition code, it was used to signal that the speaker was knowledgeable about the history of the world and the Numenera. It has since become a type of greeting and farewell similar to aloha.
Grove-folk do not typically use the word in common speech reserving it for speaking with an Aeon Priest directly.

numenera [ new-men-era ]: A Ninth World term for an artifact, remnant, creature, or being of the prior worlds.

“off deep”: A Grove term for crazy, madness or insanity.

Order Of Truth, The: A quasi-religious organization prolific throughout the Steadfast and branching out into the Beyond. The Order reveres technology, especially the technology of prior worlds.

ruts: A Grove term for wrinkles.

slying: A common Ninth World term for speaking a non-truth. It should be noted that the term also connotes some small amount of respect.

Steadfast, The: An area of land stretching east from the sea to the Black Riage, and south from the Tithe River to the Sadara River. Within this area are the Nine Rival Kingdoms who owe favor to the Amber Papacy. Generally more civilized than communities of the Beyond .

The Truth: The name of the common tongue of the Steadfast. A homogenous language accredited to The Order Of Truth. Though dialects exist (such as the that spoken by native born Grove-folk) they are still readily understood to be the Truth.

Ninth World Glossary

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