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There have been eight other worlds before this one. In each, mighty civilizations — some human; many not even remotely so — rose to power, reigned for millennia and then fell into ruin. Each of these worlds left behind fantastic locations, technology, bits and pieces of its glory.

These are the Numenera!

This is a world of danger, a world of wonder. It is a world where everything old is new once more and the ashes of the past may build a new future.

This is the Ninth World!

Iadace Visitor!
Welcome to the Obsidian Portal and The Intrusion Iterations.
The Intrusion Iterations is a Numenera campaign that follows the exploits of a group of friends as they explore the Ninth World and attempt to combat an unknown force, encroaching on their homeland.
Tune in often, Ill update the site with each play session as well as content that I give to the players.
At this current stage of planning the game will be hosted locally and online via Roll20.Net

Want to join in? Great! Simply contact me via e-mail, Google+, Facebook, or Obsidian Portal’s own little private messaging

Home Page

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