Within which we examine some of the flora and fauna of the Felglas March. Please note: Only creatures unique to the March are described here but may include any “standard” 9th World Monsters which have been altered by long exposure to the March.

felglas [ fell-glass ]: an organic glass-like substance unique to the Marches. The felglas permeates the entire area, originating from deep underground. Titanic spheres of felglas are said to be visible beneath the waters of the March lakes. The substance also pushes up through the soil in long thin, hollow reeds which are extremely malleable when subjected to properly controlled heat. The reeds have become a popular art medium in Omar and Ledon.

Jahdot: The Jahdot (pronounced Ha-DOT) is a large beast common to the March area. Standing no less than six feet tall at the shoulder the creatures resemble a six legged hairless ground sloth with an entirely too human-like face (some theorize the jahdot was created during the same era as the thumen and likely by the same creators.). Quite docile, not easily spooked and of almost a playful disposition the jahdot are the de facto work horses of the March. Jadot feed on the tough, fibrous grass common to the area and many March natives keep one or two jahdot about for grazing and grass management. Jahdots make only two known vocalizations, a thrumming sigh and a kind of drumming sound which can carry a great distance and seems to be used as a kind of alert. A group of Jahdot is known as a Press.

lime-rye: The staple export of the Marches. A hardy grain known as much for its multitude of uses as the soft warm glow it gives off after sunset.

rye-eel: A species of fish unique to the Marches, named because their long sinuous bodies and frilled heads which can glow in various patterns, resembles lime-rye. Typical eels grow to about three feet in length. All eels are constrictors, wrapping their thin but powerful bodies around their prey and crushing it. A group of eels is known as a Crush.


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