The Intrusion Iterations

Final prep for Sunday

Finally got a decent background and banner image rendered, thanks to Mandelbulb and Inkscape. Very pleased with the results.

Now if my luck holds, this Sunday will be the first session of the game, tenatively called “That Which Creepeth”

WOOHOO! Tenative Game Date
Session One: All Things That Creepeth

Woohoo…I might have the first game of the Campaign to run this coming Sunday! If all players show Ill have 4 players!

Custom Imaging: The beginning of madness

Started using Apophysis 7x for some fractal designs.

Datasphere Access: Granted

Finally started the actual styling and content loading of the site. All this while recovering from a food allergy attack.

Actually it was quite fun and took my mind off my stomach issues.

Anywho…on with the show.

Pre-launch 2: Once more into the breach

Returning to OP and Numenera.

Pre-launch: Setting up the world
Getting things rolling in the 9th world

Relearning text formatting in Textile. Css support is nice. Having some small issues, but so far also fun. Thinking on banner design now.

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